Karen Federoff started beating on anything and everything at a very early age and has been keeping perfect time now for over……………… well, let’s just say she has mastered her weapons of mass percussion and has the mad skills and experience to back it up.


As a full time working musician for over 20 years, Karen has been the rhythmic foundation for numerous bands throughout Southern California. Layin’ down tireless beats and providing kick ass solos are the norm, while bringing a tireless work ethic and mastery of her skill to new levels are the cherry on top.

From jazz drummer (big band swing, 8 piece octet and jazz trio) to musical percussion pit (including over 40 different musicals), Karen successfully performs again and again. How about a rock band? or country western gig? She’s been there and done that too!

Whatever your drummer and/or percussion needs may be, Karen will not disappoint.

“there are no mistakes when drumming, only modifications”


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